Design Your Own

Mail us your favorite disc, sit back and relax. We allow you to customize your disc with any design criteria you may wish, working hand in hand with your artist. Fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page, and we will reach out to start working through the design!

  • Dye Beds

    Whether you are looking for cells, flowers, or a plethora of other designs, You can rest assured you are in the right hands on these LiT dyes.

    Being our specialty, we have to offer them so everyone can afford them, right? These range between $20 and 40.

  • Stencils

    We have you covered for all your stencil desires! If you are looking for a parody, your favorite image, or just something fun, we utilize a top notch vinyl cutter to execute almost any design.

  • The LiT Experience

    We love to pair the best of both worlds together, delivering the most unique, and complete expierence to our offerings. Bring as much to the table as you would like: images, colors, background patterns, or let the artists here run loose!

    The LiT Experience generally starts at $25 and go up with complexity.

Lets discuss your idea today! Fill out the below form to get the process started, and you will be contacted about the next steps of our process!